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RIP - Luciano

This page is dedicated to our fallen comrades, online gaming is an unusual thing in that you build bonds with people you speak to everyday but sometimes have never met!

Edwin “Luciano” Keltzer
RIP 2012

TheBezzer2008 - “Luciano was the original leader of the DOD Source section back in [EVO] clan back in 2005, and one of the founding members of Tx ¹. I did meet Luciano back at the first Tx¹ gathering. He was a lovely chap always softly spoken with with wisdom beyond his years. I lost touch with him when he went to play WoW and was shocked when I got a message from another old member RonnieBoy to say that he had passed away. It was nice to see that he was in some of the Videos from the gathering especially one where he pinned down Cipher* with a big smile on his face whilst Whisp drew on him with a marker pen!”

TheDaddy2003 wrote on the [EVO] website – “Over the years we have had lots of people with Names and Voices that everybody recognizes and remembers, Luciano was one of them. Sometimes as a current member we have often talked about and wondered what has happened to our previous members and what they are doing now, along with why haven’t they been back in touch yet. Well unfortunately for this member along with [EVO]Coolioguk who past away a few years ago we now know….”

Here is a video of Luciano doing something he enjoyed!

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