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It all started back in 2006 when a number of people were playing Counter-Strike Source in a clan called [EVO]. This clan was run by a player called TheDaddy2003 and is still going strong, the clan was Multi-Gaming with a number of different games been played.

As with many clans there was a difference in opinion over the leadership and where the clan was heading. This lead to Luciano (DODS) and Bezzer (CSS) breaking away to form a clan called Tx¹ or The Xiled Ones. The clan slowly faded away after people stopped playing Source games and people went off to join Modern Warfare and World of Warcraft Guilds, the remaining players heading back to [EVO] Clan. The same problems remained in [EVO] leading to the formation of the first [nV] clan in 2011, with Leeroy (DODS) and Rocky (MW2) and Andromeda (Guild Wars). The clan folded in 2012 after several leaders had to commit to real life over gaming.

nV clan reformed in 2013 after a discussion with a number of former players who stated that every clan or guild they joined was simply ‘never as good as nV was back in the day’.

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