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Bezzer 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 21st Apr 2014
Just a small update on clan matters now I am back from Spain.

Things are going steadily with an average of ten or so people on TS despite some absences. I am looking forward to Distephano and Main returning from their respective deployments and joining us again soon! It is still really important that we grow our community so make every effort to get people onto teamspeak, the website, face-book or even the Steam group!

I am really keen for one or two people to help with posting news items to the website. When I can I try to post about deals on Steam or Origin for example and it would be great to have a couple of people helping me out with this and also updating our facebook group as well. If you are interested get in touch?

As for the website itself, I have added a TS3 viewer so that people visiting the site can see we are an active group of people, I have also adjusted one of the settings so you should be able to comment on news items.

21st Apr 2014 rocky*
Bez you know the shifts i work, when im off work i tend to be around and if im busy doing things in the house or im out somewhere i try to be AFK on TS3 and will continue to do so.
Would love to help out by doing stuff on the website / FB / Steam etc..... but not sure i have the time to commit so ill leave it for now :-) Peace!
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