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Clan Co-Operation
26th Apr 2014 · Bezzer · 5 Comments · Likes · Like

Yesterday evening I was invited to chat with two members of the Tripleniners (Ash & Beckyboy) who were looking to turn their existing TESO guild into a Multi Gaming organisation and move away from the "Emergency Services Only" bracket. To that end they wanted to see if we could come to an agreement over co-operation in order to help out both clans.

We agreed that there are two options -

#1 - Share a Teamspeak.
This can only be advantageous. So I have agreed to this on a trial basis with a view to us sharing a teamspeak with their group and seeing how things go. It will save us a bit of money and they have a 500 slot teamspeak sever which should help us integrate. The condition was that TS would be configured to our liking. If it doesn't work out it takes a few seconds to set up a teamspeak. This has now been done and our new teamspeak address is now pending a dedicated web address etc.

#2 - Clan Merger
This is a more complicated move and I think we will all have an opinion. We had a basic discussion where we would merge and the clan would become "TripleenVy" with a [3nV] clan tag which seems a decent use of the clan name meaning we don't lose our identity. In compromise to us getting to configure teamspeak we would use their website. This would mean closing this one and saving a bit more cash as well. I have not agreed to this until people can give me their opinions and also I think a couple of weeks sharing a teamspeak will help people decide. However I personally feel this is the way to go if we want to have a good sized community with resources and 'pulling power'.

Over to you for your thoughts!

RUST server up!
25th Apr 2014 · Bezzer · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

RUST server up!
Will be experimenting with Mods etc over next few days.
Expect to see a number of players joining us from a clan called "NWO".
They are a RUST clan and looking to work in partnership with us.

"I love this game, I built a house around a guys house and made him my prisoner, I fed him cans of tuna and cooked chicken when it was available, and some times I would drop in spare logs of wood(when they were available). The best part. he talks to me, keeps telling me his clans going to raid my structure and save him.. I simply respond with .” It puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again” and by hose I mean I dump charcoal on him."

-Great game hope the servers come up soon, I think my pet may need to eat.

April Update!
21st Apr 2014 · Bezzer · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Just a small update on clan matters now I am back from Spain.

Things are going steadily with an average of ten or so people on TS despite some absences. I am looking forward to Distephano and Main returning from their respective deployments and joining us again soon! It is still really important that we grow our community so make every effort to get people onto teamspeak, the website, face-book or even the Steam group!

I am really keen for one or two people to help with posting news items to the website. When I can I try to post about deals on Steam or Origin for example and it would be great to have a couple of people helping me out with this and also updating our facebook group as well. If you are interested get in touch?

As for the website itself, I have added a TS3 viewer so that people visiting the site can see we are an active group of people, I have also adjusted one of the settings so you should be able to comment on news items.

Gathering Booked!
24th Mar 2014 · Bezzer · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

I have finally managed to book the venue for the gathering! 
We have moved to a bigger venue which sleeps '16' but can probably accommodate more.
I have received 11 deposits so far.
Full details on forum post as far as Where/When/How Much etc.. etc..

Gathering Update
2nd Mar 2014 · Bezzer · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

So far I have only received five deposits from people wanting to attend the gathering.
Basically get your act together or its not going to happen! 
16th March is now the cut off date, payments can be made by bank transfer or PAYPAL.
Full details are on the forum -

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