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8th Oct 2013

Real Name - Andrew
Age - 28
Location - Halifax, UK

Gaming Questions
1. What do you enjoy the most about gaming? I like the escapism, when you can pretend to be someone else, and also the thrill of the chase when it comes to games like Battlefield
2. What was your first PC/Console? Atari ST
3. What game first got you into gaming? Dungeon Master for the ST
4. What was the first Multi-Player game you played? Counter Strike Source!
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8th Oct 2013

UPDATE OCTOBER - I am still living in Halifax and playing games, heavily involved in Envy where I can be. Looking forward to BF4 coming out having played the Beta which has got more stable now with the latest patch. Got my Sergeants exam in the middle of the month and otherwise still enjoying work! Spoke to Red-Scent recently and found out that his wife was struggling with Breast-Cancer so wishing her all the best.
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