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Application - Abberz
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Joined: 1st Nov 2013
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1st Nov 2013

Name -  Real name: Albin | Nick: Abberz
Age -  17 for another month.
Location - Sweden
Previous Clan - Last clan was Konvict gaming, mostly a APB oriented clan.
Reason for Leaving - Left due to me getting sick of APB.
Reason for Applying - Looking for a tight knit group to play BF4 with, judging from what I noticed last night I believe I might have found the right place.
Familiar with Teamspeak? - Indeed I am, prefer teamspeak over all other VOIPs out there.
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Last Edit: 1st Nov 2013 by Abberz
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1st Nov 2013

Welcome Abberz glad you decided to stick around its good to have some new faces and names around. You might want to mention to Cker and Rush etc that you play Payday too!
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4th Nov 2013

Welcome buddy
Joined: 15th Jun 2013
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5th Nov 2013

Welcome, nice to see some new members :-)
Forum » General » Recruitment
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